The Garden Summit Bonus

Hello Friends!

I am so grateful you are part of this amazing
Garden Summit Bonus! Thanks for being here!

I think you are going to like this bonus! This is seriously the most used condiment in our house right now.

Everyone is addicted to it. I mean, we don’t put it on cake or in our tea, but it really goes onto just about every meal…

A few drops of chili oil on scrambled eggs or an omelet tops the breakfast off just right. I like putting a dash of chili oil into soups and salads. It is delicious in salad dressings or added to marinades.

This chili oil is made with cayenne pepper (capsicum annuum), but you can make it with any variety of chili that dries well (paprika peppers dry well, bell peppers don’t……)

Sprinkling a little chili oil on your food is a good thing when you look at all of the healing benefits of cayenne pepper and. Cultures that consume lots of capsicum spice have lower rates of cardio vascular disease. This oil is stable for one year after you make it.

Cayenne is:
  • Anti-bacterial and helps to fight off colds
  • A cardiovascular tonic
  • High in Vitamin C
  • Carminative and helps support digestion
This is a great way to turn your garden into a delicious condiment that has a big impact when supporting your health!

Together we are inspiring a culture that embraces taking care of our bodies with fresh, home grown food, healing herbs, a deep connection with the earth and a lifestyle that passes this knowledge on to our children.

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